Fidelity Investments: NetBenefits

NetBenefits Redesign and Information Architecture

When the president of Fidelity gets made fun of by his neighbor because his site was getting poor industry rankings - things start to happen...

Fidelity's NetBenefits was ranked in the media as having the best information and tools, but no way to get at them. The answer seemed simple to us. It was an interface design problem. So we started with the basics.

The first task was to develop and implement a formal UI design methodology for the interface design group. We could then use that methodology to develop a new information structure and interaction model for the customer facing portion of the institutional investing business units (NetBenefits).

Integrating the NetBenefits site design with the new corporate look and feel as it evolved for the commercial investing site ( was also considered important from a total branding perspective.

The detailed design portion of this engagement required us to provided a full suite of services regarding user requirement analysis, methodology development, information architecture, screen/site design and usability testing. But that's what happens when someone makes fun of the boss.....

Also included in this engagement were smaller NetBenefits sub projects such as the "e-mail capture program", "New Hire Registration Program". Like the larger redesign effort, these were approached with the same methodology and implemented as planned.

Deliverables included conceptual wireframes such as the following homepage layout.

Fidelity Investments: 401K Compliance Dashboard

e-Reporting and Testing

The purpose of this application was to allow small 401k administration clients to perform the required end of plan year testing and reporting on their 401k plans. The ability to accommodate naive and infrequent users and educate them with respect to complex Government regulations was critical to the success of the program.

For this application, we were allowed to start from scratch on a design. To meet the business and reporting requirements, we created and prototyped the front end user experience for this web based application. This was done using simple "wire frame" designs to allow many iterations before we needed to commit anything to final coding.