Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) eCommerce Site

Not long before my arrival at HMH, their website was strictly a flat visual site with no commerce capability. Six months prior, they implemented a shopping cart and basic commerce capability (minicart, cart, credt card processing, and a checkout flow).

Overall, the goal was to bring the site on par with most ecommerce sites currently available (My Account sections, wish lists, stored credit cards, stored shipping and billing addresses) as well as a customized look and feel for each of their key demographics - individual consumers and educational institutions.

As part of the redesign, we looked to the future. Working with the UI architects, we adopted a method of developing modular widgets and fielding them on a minimum of presentation templates (Reducing the number of templates from ~50 to ~4).

By designing from a content driven, mobile-first approach, developing the widgets using Foundation, we were able to deliver specifications for a fully mobile responsive site readiness that required minimal maintenance, was customizable by non-developers, and provided an entirely new look and feel for the users.

To fine tune the site for the different users, personas were created and reviewed, leading to a fully bifurcated site, customizable for each user type and the way they used the site (different search needs, different shopping methods, different approaches to learning about the products).

And finally, there were custom components of the site - such as the New Media Center that were given a refreshed look as well.

Let's see how they are doing so far.