IBM Support Portal

Before the redesign, ago IBM Product Support consisted of three stovepiped corporate support sites with nothing in common visually or from a user experience perspective. They were all designed and managed by unique business units within the company. None of whom had ever considered a common design before.

My role was to develop a strategic roadmap for the visual and functional integration of those sites into a single, global, accessible, "One-Stop-Shopping" site. A site where a user could diagnose and resolve complex support problems involving multiple hardware and software products ...and still keep users and stakeholders from each organization happy in the process.

The first step was an interim site that went live after 2 years of political coordination, "lively discussion" and repeated design iterations. The purpose of this site was to serve as a first step in the final transition to a portal implementation, and to help the users adjust to a new "task/topic" contextual navigation with the least amount of discomfort or disruption.

We user tested the final design, while went rolled out between February and December 2010, with users from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Japan and China. It met with great success on a global level, and won additional design & innovation awards from the product support community.

View sample screens from the initial design process

While the overall site look and feel has changed since then, much of the initial functionality remains. Set up an account at the link below and try it yourself.

View the live site at
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