J. J. Keller - Case Study

Site Architecture Plan - Home Page

Two information architects were assigned to this project. They met with the client and planned the entire site. The information architects' work resulted in the plan, below, for the home page. Two graphic designers were then assigned to create a look for the site.

A graphic with arrows below the general text message area shows two different ways of accessing the information housed at the site. Our main challenge was to communicate this structure with some visual excitement. We also ended up saving valuable screen real estate through judicious use of rollovers. In this case, the rollovers simplify and clarify the graphic, and add further explanation when requested by the user

Conceptual Navigation via central graphic

Navigation graphic with rollovers. Saved space, increased understanding, and also included a dynamic text area underneath the graphic which provided help on each rollover link without obscuring any other part of the graphic.

Design Phase

Our assignment was to design an online logo that still retains the spirit of the corporate logo and identity but is still unique and updated. The boxy navigation diagram needed to have an inviting look. The overall site needed a color palette and design elements as well.

We provided the logo and the navigation, and came up with several options for the site's overall look. The client chose a look, then began coding the site

Logo concept

Site Design Concepts


The Finished Site

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